What is WIYO WIFI?

WIYO WIFI is a 3G/4G handheld mobile device which provides you with wireless internet access anytime, anywhere while you are traveling abroad.  WIYO WIFI works just like any other Wi-Fi hotspot - but it's personal and fits in your pocket.  A WIYO WIFI simultaneously supports 5 to10 WiFi-enabled devices, that means you can share with up to 10* travel buddies.  

* 3G supports upto 5.  4G supports upto 10

Rental Products
Pocket WiFi Rentals

WIYO selects the best available network and hardware in the market, well balanced in network coverage, speed, power and style. All WIYO WIFIs are maintained and upgraded regularly to give you the most reliable internet connection.

Powerbank Rentals

WIYO selects the best engineered powerbanks that are safe, practical, slim and sleek.  If you are a frequent internet user, rent our 5000mAh+ Powerbank for only RM4/day which gives you enough backup power to stay connected on your typical travel day overseas.