1.) I use only a 3G smartphone, will your 4G pocket wifi work with my phone?
  Yes, your 3G smartphone can also work with a 4G pocket wifi. A 4G pocket wifi simply gives you faster browsing speed.
2.) Can I use my own Powerbank to charge your pocket wifi?
  Yes, you can, but make sure your Powerbank has a 1.0A output to charge our pocket wifi.  if your powerbank makes damage to our pocket wifi device, you will have to bear the cost of replacing a new pocket wifi (RM500).
3.) Does your pocket wifi cover the whole country?
  We work with the best available network operators with usually good network coverage.  Our pocket wifi signal strength is similar to a local mobile phone on the same network, and there is possibility of weak or no signal, especially at remote and rural areas.
4.) Can I pick up my device a few days before my departure?
  Device pick-up date is always max 1 day before departure, unless you are willing to pay for extra days. Device return is 1 day after you returned to Malaysia. For example, if you booked for March 2 to 8, your pick-up date will be March 1, and return date will be March 9 before 6pm.
5.) I will be spending 4 days in Japan (RM28/day) and 3 days in Korea (RM28day), do I need two different pocket wifi devices?  How will you charge?
  Yes, you will need 2 different WIYO WIFIs.  For multi-destination trips, we will charge the full 7 days, but with 50% discount on the lower-priced destination.  The calculation of rental fee will be:  (RM28 x 7) + (RM28 x 7 x 50%) = RM294.  You will also need to pay RM200 deposit for each WIYO WIFI, which will be refunded to you upon return if the devices are in good condition.
6.) Shall I pick-up/return the pocket wifi by myself or deliver by courier?
  We always recommend our customers to pick-up and return by themselves instead of relying on courier.  We all know how bad our city’s road traffic is, right?
7.) What will be the delivery charge if I choose to courier to my address within Klang Valley (KL)?  
  Courier charge will be RM15 per way.  We recommend you to use commercial address rather than residential address, as commercial address delivery is easier to manage by courier company. 
8.) Do you deliver outside Klang Valley (KL)?  How much will you charge?
  Usually yes, but it is subject to courier’s availability.  If delivery takes more than 1 day, customer will have to pay rent for the additional day(s) to deliver.  Once we have your delivery address, we will provide a quote on courier charges and delivery lead time.
9.) I chose courier delivery, can I specify the courier arrival time?
  Normally, courier delivers between 9am to 6pm on weekdays.  We have no control on their arrival time at your address, so, make sure you have someone home all day to answer the door.  If courier cannot reach you upon arrival, Wiyo will not refund the courier fee, plus you will have to bear the additional cost of delivering back-n-forth.
10.) I will come pick-up by myself from KLIA 2 counter, what is the operation hours?
  Yes, our operation hours is 24/7, you can pick up from us at our counter at KLIA2 counter. 
11.) When and how will my security deposit be returned?
  Upon your return of the device in good condition, we will refund the deposit to you via bank transfer within 2 week - 1month working days and the issuance date will be on either monthly 15th or 28th.  ( Remember to fill in your bank details and IC number when you place booking )