About Us

Wiyo provides international Pocket Wi-Fi rental services for one flat daily rate. With Wiyo, you can eliminate the uncertainty and stress of possible roaming bill surprises from your mobile operator. We keep you connected with people and things that matter most to you, leaving you with a hassle-free and peace-of-mind overseas travel experience


Headquartered in Hong Kong, WIYO MALAYSIA SDN BHD (“WIYO”) is an international wireless communication services company providing short-term data rental (i.e. Pocket WiFi rental) to outbound travelers of Malaysia while abroad for business or leisure.  WIYO partners with renowned international mobile operators to offer cost-effective wireless internet access over the best available networks.

Mission & Vision

Wiyo is committed to providing affordable, reliable, and high-speed international wireless data services to leisure and corporate travelers through continuous partnership with mobile operators and other travel intermediaries.